This shoot reminded me of how many different types of shoots there are out there. It is honestly endless. There are all sorts of different functions and gatherings out in this big world. My job will never get boring and there is no shortage of challenges to come for me in the future. This was my first Indian Engagement Party. It was so cool. Good food, people really interested in making lots of cool photos. They were all super nice and as generous as could be. Welcomed me into their fold for the 3 hrs they had me. I shot portraits of the entire family with my studio lights for an hour. Then I did an hour of Event Photography with both On-Camera-Flash and Off-Camera-Flash. Utilizing my new Nikon D850 and my Nikon 610 I feel like the coverage was pretty darn good. Shooting up close reactions with my 70mm-200mm and shots of the entire room really pulled back with my 24mm-70mm simultaneously. Then I insisted we go outside for some romantic shots of the newly engaged couple that they really liked. It wasn’t until then that I saw the couple’s eyes really light up and they got real interested in the photos hahaha! All in a day’s work.

Anyways it was such an honor to capture a different cultures Engagement and I offered to shoot the wedding in India if they paid me for my time and travel. How cool would that be. I will load these onto Flickr at some point. Don’t forget there are galleries of my work on there.