I was booked by Elana to capture both their Engagement and Wedding Photography through my website back in September 2019. I had no idea how goofy her fiance’ Shannon is. The two of them together is like non stop laughter hour. I honestly don’t remember Shannon going 20 seconds without making a joke. I had to be like “ok guys one serious shot here” and they would laugh. We met at Walden Ponds here in Boulder which is a little known gem. It is a large area full of lakes and ponds that is habitat for a wide variety of indigenous animals and birds. Then since ti was kinda dreary down there we decided to head over to Chautauqua Park for a quick session then up to the Lost Gulch Overlook, also located in Boulder. It was amazing up there despite being crowded as usual. They were really happy that we changed venue a few times so we absolutely can’t wait to capture their wedding in 2020. Thanks guys!


Unfortunately they have postponed their May wedding. Corona Virus strikes again!