John contacted me about a potential Surprise Engagement Session in Downtown Denver, CO. John didn’t know exactly where to do it so I suggested right in the middle of the street in front of the iconic Union Station. It was an interesting evening to say the least! He brought a number of family members and also ordered a Mariachi Band. The band ended up a no show which I thought was unprofessional but John did surprise her quite well with the Engagement Ring. He also gave her 300 roses which was just out of control! I have never seen that many roses in one tight bundle so I had to ask if I could smell them and hold them. They were incredibly heavy. Had to have been 35 lbs of roses! So over the top! Anyways it sleeted on us as we waited for the Mariachi Band which never came. I stayed an extra 40 min hoping they would show up but eventually John said they were going to go get dinner and it was ok if I left. That is why I am always early.