Enter a Heading

On May 13th 2017 these two love birds tied the knot.  I really enjoyed working with this fun and energetic couple!  We met at the Catholic Church- Saint Mary's in South Boulder with them already dressed and ready to go.  Peggy was a little behind on schedule so I took Mike and his groomsmen around the Church ground to find some relief from the noon sun and to shoot some great portraits.

At 1 pm Peggy showed up and I captured their first look.  Boy were we pleasantly surprised by her fun, fluffy dress that really set off her hair style.  She was so beautiful Mike teared up a bit but I kept the shots coming all day long as we hopped over to a garden area and then, my personal favorite, this old barn on the property.  As we were joined by the other members of the small but fun loving wedding party we went to a shady spot at the edge of the cemetery.  After capturing a little of the reception they cut me loose.  

Being my first wedding of the season I had ample time to deliver some of their shots by the next day and all of them within 3 days!  Holy Smokes that's fast right!?!


Thanks Mike and Peggy for the awesome shoot and the patronage!