After capturing their Engagement Session Candice and Jay asked me to shoot their wedding day over in Granby, CO. It was a tough drive and a long day but we had a blast. Since I had accidentally referred to Jay as Joey during the Engagement Session every single member of the family and wedding party lovingly referred to Jay as Joey for the entire day hahaha. Jay cried pretty heavily at the ceremony and almost couldn’t get through his vows which were really really personal and made most people including yours truly tear up a bit. Candice just looked so pretty and her hair was so beautiful I had to take a bunch of up-close pics of the dew. I really hope they have kids and ask me to shoot their Family Portraits because I dearly love them now and we are super close friends. Thank you Candice and Jay for your patronage and friendship!

Zack shot our engagement and wedding photos. He went above and beyond to make sure that we had beautiful photos to cherish forever. I have never met anyone with more energy in my life! He has a commanding presence and is able to organize groups of people quickly and efficiently. Zack is a true artist and will do whatever it takes to capture the perfect shot. Thanks for all the beautiful memories, Zack!

- Candice on Yelp