On June 16th, 2017 I was down in Denver hopping from location to location with Aaron Steinberg and Kaitlyn Barr- two young kids that are just madly in love with each other! I had met Aaron through Thumbtack.com in early June and he was a tough negotiator. I had shot engagement sessions before but not when I had booked, met, negotiated, shot and edited myself. I looked at their Facebook profiles before they showed up at Washington Park so I knew they were a good looking couple but I was not prepared for how photogenic they are. It's almost like they practiced poses and rehearsed what being in love should look like. They were just a real pleasure to work with! They brought their super cute dog named Zona and we were able to work him into several shots. Then we went to Union Station where we took some wildly romantic shots with the neon signs in the background.