As a Self-Employed Full Time Photographer I market, connect, book and shoot on my own but I also shoot for a few companies that hire me as a contractor. I shoot for foot races for Racing Underground, bike races for Sundance Images and now I am excited to add another company to the list. 

I responded to a post on asking for applicants with extensive Event Photography skills and portfolio. I responded as best I could and was contacted while I was vacationing in my home state of Ohio. Christies Photographic Solutions offers a wide-range of services geared towards capturing Corporate Events. They cover several major cities and are now expanding to Denver. Bob Christie, the owner, flew me sight unseen to Orlando, FL, all expenses paid, to train and sign paperwork. It was a really fun and eventful trip for me and I picked up lots of new techniques and gear applications that I will utilize for them and for my own work. In the small office of 12-15 employees and at times up to 75 photographers I am warmly referred to as "The Denver Guy". 

I am looking forward to working with Christie's Photographic Solutions for many years to come!