I had an interesting shoot before I left Ohio.  My cousin John Holcomb approached me at the July 1st 2017 family reunion and asked if I would have time to come over to the law firm to photography the office inside and out as well as he and his partner and staff.  I was excited to be able to shoot for him for the second time to date.  We made plans to shoot but got rained out and ended up doing it right before I hopped on the plane to come home on Monday 07/10/2017.

I arrived early and shot the exterior while John finished with a client.  Then John and I shot some portraits and action shots while his partner Mr. Hyde was out for lunch.  Then I shot lots of action/lifestyle shots of his employees.  When Mr. Hyde returned he stated that he had seven minutes until he had to leave for court and so I snapped into actionzack and banged out some lawyer photos with an unbridled intensity never before seen by anyone- ever.