Enter a Heading

Thanks to Thumbtack.com I have been booking lots of different types of shoots!  I feel like this makes me a stronger photographer because each shoot, person, location and atmosphere is very different.  This challenges me and guarentees all my images are drastically different.  

Lili Bigi contacted me on Thumbtack.com last month.  Will very little notice she needed a photogrpher to meet her on CU Boulder campus right after Graduation in the afternoon.  I knew it would be tough because there are thousands of people running around campus at that time.  I was sure to leave early to meet her and thankfully so.  Parking was a nightmare!!!

We met up and I noticed her family was already tired and hungry before the shoot.  I was sure to make it quick and painless and I got shots from all directions using a variety of natural and artificial lighting.  What a great looking family seriously- I was sure to tell them that right away.  It only took 1.5 hrs and I shot hundreds of great pics.