Jennifer Starling and Louis Beck are awesome returning clients for me. I have actually shot them and their kids in 5 separate shoots. The awesome thing about a repeating customer is that we are all really familiar with each other. They know what to expect, I know what to expect (Louis is actually a stand up comedian lol) so I have to be on my toes. Their two boys are just the cutest little things ever. Alton and Theo. So cute. I try really hard to make them happy and gave them literally 900 photos for being such awesome return customers. So we met and shot at CU Boulder by the Alumni Center and instead of the 2 hrs we thought we needed we only needed 1 hr. They were so pumped that we got so many amazing photos so quick. But I mean you shoot together so many times and you already know what I’m thinking and what I am looking for. This is why I suggest Engagement Sessions. That way when you get married we have already worked together and you have seen what I produce from that.Thank you for your patronage!