I met with Heather Lucero, her inner family, her brothers family and the grandparents in Louisville, CO. She had contacted my through a 3rd party site I use to get leads for people needing photography services. I absolutely love big multigenerational photo sessions like this one. 4 adults, 3 grandkids and 2 awesome seniors. I talked with the Grandpa at length while we were walking between locations. He was a WW2 Navy vet. Great guy. I hope I made a good first impression. I gave them a variety of images starting with a full group shot, then a a shot of each individual family, then grandparents with grandkids, grandkids alone, grandparents alone and then parents as couples. I like to give customers zero excuse not to like the pictures, the poses, the location or the pricing. I show up and hang out with everyone so we all get acquainted and feel relaxed. Then I go through all the poses at a relaxed pace- look at me- look left- smile- look back at me. Next person hops in - same thing- I get to the couples and have them also look at each other- then have her kiss him on the cheek- he kisses her on the cheek- in a zoomed in horizontal you will see in the full gallery here. After the session they have 2 weeks to complete final payment and if they want they can purchase more images for a small fee. All the images come un watermarked and full sized, edited for blemishes and tooth whitening in a natural realistic way. Then you have the option to view, share, download and print the images all from my site. This is why I have only amazing reviews!