Interesting story. I was hired through a 3rd party app by a woman who had a special friend. The photoshoot was to be a gift for this lady’s 75th bday. So Nanna, the special friend, her daughter and two grand daughters, one of which goes to CU Boulder wanted to shoot some indoor portraits. I love multi-generational portraits and I impressed them enough that Nanna called me the next day to invite me to fly to San Diego, CA to capture her big 75th bday party. I was to fly free of charge, shoot two other paid portrait sessions for family members that were dying to meet me, capture the party and then fly back. Then the Coronavirus struck and it all dissolved overnight. Nanna promised me that she would still have me shoot the event when it is re-scheduled. I actually haven’t been to CA still so this fact plus the loss of the 3 shoots was hard to dismiss. All good things come in time though. Hope all who read this blog are in good health and stay safe!