I met Debbie through the App Bark and shot the Engagement Session within just a two day period.  She was in town from Montana to spend some time with her Sergeant boyfriend Moses when he popped the big question!  She was so excited to do an Engagement Session but had only a couple days before she was leaving the Denver Area.  I was accommodating and I also wanted to help make sure that I helped them select an outfit ensamble that worked with their skin-tones and the selected locations.  I have a soft spot for blue and white polka dot dresses, espectially with a fair complexion like Debbie's.  For Moses I instructed him to look business casual.  I really like vests and dress shirts with the sleeves rolled up.  WoW!  I was blown away when they showed up wearing EXACTLY what I had instructed them to get.  They were so fun to work with.  I love Debbie- I tried to secure their wedding shoot but alas, they ended up going with someone in Montana.  I wish them the best of luck on their wedding day and for the rest of their lives- thanks for the business guys!

"Zack is super enthusiastic and fun to work with!! He doesn’t hesitate to put himself in any position (regardless how uncomfortable) to capture the perfect photo! We were extremely pleased at the speed and quality of his work." Debbie K.