Ok so Candice and Jay have a fun story. During the time I booked them I also was booking a couple named Rachel and Joe. So being busy as I was I ended up calling Jay Joey during this entire Engagement Shoot haha. So they were fun and a little awkward (aren’t we all) and after the shoot Candice told me that his name was Jay not Joey. You have to understand mostly woman book me and lots of times I seriously don’t even get the guys name until right before the shoot whereas I’ve known the Bride or mom’s name for months. Fast forward to their wedding later on in the year and I’m driving there telling myself “Jay, Jay his name is Jay”. I show up and everyone knew I had called him Joey at the Engagement Session and would only refer to him as Joey the entire day. I’d be like “Hey Jay” and a groomsmen would interrupt with “You mean Joey?!?” Lots of fun let me tell you it will not be happening again haha.

“Zack shot our engagement and wedding photos. He went above and beyond to make sure that we had beautiful photos to cherish forever. I have never met anyone with more energy in my life! He has a commanding presence and is able to organize groups of people quickly and efficiently. Zack is a true artist and will do whatever it takes to capture the perfect shot. Thanks for all the beautiful memories, Zack!”

- Candice on Yelp