It’s not all work and backpacking here at Zack Weinstein Photography! Every year there is a massive turnout for this 1940’s WW2 Ball at the Boulder Municipal Airport. I just happen to live 5 minutes away from it! Basically hundreds of people dress up in era clothing and get together at the airport where there are lots of 1940’s props like airplanes, tanks, artillery, crates, advertisings and tents set up with period designs. It is a costume lovers’ dream as everyone is in period costumes.

My girlfriend Taryn Haller as well as two other good friends of mine met up at my Gunbarrel, CO residence to pregame and take goofy pictures in our 1940’s outfits. I dressed like a business man from the era with a 3 piece grey suit, suspenders, cufflinks, a bowtie and an era hat. I had secretly bought Taryn a super cute WW2 white and blue polka dot dress and a tiny little red hat. We had so much fun getting pumped up for the ball that we got to it just in time for the celebration to be underway.

It was our first year. We were totally blown away by the fun. There are several bands playing period music in costumes. Everyone is swing dancing and just having the time of their lives. There are period planes taking off and landing the entire time while the music is “bopping”. I already have our tickets for this year and I have a big surprise for Taryn… shhhhh!