Her Father Nicholas contacted me via a 3rd party website. We connected instantly on the phone. I think our first call was like an hour. The family is from South Dakota and they are very loving and friendly. Armani is very pretty and honestly a joy to work with. If you have read any of my previous blogs I shoot up at NCAR a lot and avoid Chautauqua Park here in Boulder but I wanted to shoot up at Lost Gulch so I thought we’d start below at the Park and then head up. Oh my gorsh- when we arrived at Chautauqua Park it was hurricane strength winds haha! I mean we almost didn’t shoot it at all but I thought for a while and then after assembling my gear and suiting up (literally) I hopped out of my big orange Honda Element and informed them that, yes it is ridiculously windy, but we are going to work with, not against mother nature. We headed up to the ranger station on sight and got on the leeward side of the building where there was a bench a bit of the mountains in the back round. We shot there then hopped out into the wind for about 10 min so I could try to get some mountain back drops for her.

We then headed down to CU Campus and out of the wind. The dad, Nicholas, was very impressed that I had thought of how to avoid the wind and save the day. She had this really cool leather hat she wanted to wear most of the day. I mean Nicholas was one f the most dedicated dads I have ever seen. He drove her all the was from S Dakota just for a photo shoot. He took her shopping and got her three outfits. This man broke the mold. He ensured me that they come to Colorado all the time and that I will forever be their photographer. Then he gave me a $100 bill so… I like worship this guy ahhaah! Thanks Nicholas and good luck Armani.