So years ago I was lucky to shoot Mike and Shannon Antelek's wedding day for George Street Photo.  Throughout the day I was blown away by how gorgeous of a couple these two are.  I asked Shannon if I could use her images for my portfolio and she allowed me to!  I have kept in contact with them and they just had an adorable baby girl Jamison!  Mike contacted me and asked for a rushed photoshoot of him and Jamison so I was very excited to have the opportunity to continue capturing their lives.  


The day was a real challenge.  Apparently this baby hates wind and as anyone on the Front Range knows it can be extremely windy!  We almost cancelled... Mike was really worried about Jamison's happiness.  It was really heart warming... but I pushed to do the shoot anyways haha.  We dipped down into a creek bed near the Towhee and South Mesa Trailheads in South Boulder where there was very little wind.  Then we hoped up onto the Homestead Trail to take shots on the non-windy side of the old building there.  I had a lot of fun and it was actually only an hour!

Thanks Mike!