So this place is awesome. It is family owned and operated and if you go in tell Tony P I said ‘hello’. After this shoot he hired me to capture some product shots of his new Olivo Oil he imports and sells in the US on Amazon as well as off his website. Their menu is just amazing. Tony is a true chef and baker with serious education in both Italy for baking and in California for culinary.. i hope I got that right. Tony takes cooking very seriously even more than most Italians. I loved the interior of this place and would recommend going in though they offer delivery through different apps. You’ll motive the tables have intricate designs on them and the main accent wall is this original old brick wall that had an old advertisement on it. Someone came in a cut lots of the brick away with small 1-2 patterned cuts reminiscent of a tool used on clay pots to pattern the exterior of the pot while maintaining the structure. Very cool. The images on the website are not mine yet. I am gonna text Tony tomorrow like “cmon man put my pictures on there” haha. Here is the menu for Tony P’s. Enjoy!