My first Colorado friend Jesse Engwall, who runs Boulder’s Fast Frame off 30th bye Whole Foods has been a Jamestown, CO supporter for like 10 years and she now has a house up there (congrats to her first home purchase) and she is a part of their Jamestown 4th of July Celebration. She does a lot of things for the celebration one of them being a raffle. She contacted me and asked me if I could contribute anything to the raffle. I was stoked to be able to help out the Jamestown Fire Department by donating 3 gift certificates for free 1 hour photo sessions. They could use it for newborns, seniors, graduation, family or real-estate. That all went down leading up to July, fast forward to December and I am up on NCAR in Boulder, CO shooting her quirky and fun loving Jamestown home grown family. So fun. And these people are like ridiculously nice. They are from Ohio and actually are family members of Jungle Jim’s owner, Jungle Jim! They said they would ask him if I could shoot family portraits for him and they also said they would let me stay in their AirBnB up in Jamestown with my girl friend. I am so stoked to not only have helped the fire department out but also to have gained a friendship that will last for years to come. I am pumped for this next years 4th of July up in Jamestown and plan on stepping up the giftcards!