This was a shoot that started off a bit slow to say the least and ended up being hands down one of my best Professional Food Photography Sessions. When I got to this tiny little Mexican Ice-cream shop in the outskirts of Denver I wasn’t overly impressed. The place needs a fresh coat of Paint and maybe some pictures of their products around the shop. The walls were as I put it “The Joker’s Kitchen”. Meaning purple and turquoise walls. I saw that they were a pretty new business and I said to myself “Someone has got to help these people”. Which is common for me. I try super hard for the people that need it the most. I dragged a silver painted table away from the wall, unplugged cords and wiped down surfaces before they brought me the first dish. Their cuisine is definitely out of this world! I can personally guarantee that you have never had anything like what this place offers. Please stop in a give this tiny small business your support. It will be memorable I promise!