Carin Poupor contacted me through my website and asked if I would travel to Lyons for less than an hour of work to shoot a large Family Portrait and then several smaller Family Portraits. Of course I said yes! The weather that day was a little dreary but I assured Carin that the images would look fantastic. Unfortunately I found out my cousin James Maupin had just suddenly passed away at a young age and despite my being emotionally distraught I decided that I basically HAD to shoot the session. I let her know what happened and when I showed up the whole family approached me and thanked me for still coming and offered their condolences. I cried behind the aviators and did the best job I possibly could. After the session many of them again came to me astounded by how I had brushed my emotions to the side and got the job done so well. It really made me feel like a seasoned professional. I really love and appreciate this family and I hope if they all meet up in Colorado again they will think to contact me.